So, you want to become an Engineer?



The JEE Main is probably the first competitive assessment you will take that leads to a real-life outcome – which engineering stream and college you will get in to.
It is natural you seek answers to three questions about your future which are fundamental (and we have researched this). You have been pondering about them ever since you chose science as a stream in class 9.

⇒ What is my ‘current’ potential?

If I took the JEE exam today, what college / branch would I get?

⇒ What is my ‘dream’ potential?

Do I have a realistic dream in terms of my aspirational college / branch?

⇒ How do I make my dream a reality?

What do I need to do to not just accomplish this dream but exceed it?

Discover how high you should dream – take a Test on our AI powered JEE2020 app and find out.

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Our (not so secret) recipe

MetaCog helps you make smart adjustments in your preparation by providing you with personalized feed-forward.

Bring your A-game

Glimpse your “Real” future

Understand ‘why’ there are gaps

Only fix what needs to be fixed

Bring your A-game

Our tests are individually crafted to mirror the actual JEE-Main exam pattern and more importantly, the difficulty level. This means all scores are ‘realistic’ and test-on-test progress is genuine. Plus, our environment is an exact replica of the actual JEE online experience.
In short, the only missing ingredient is you, so bring the same concentration and focus you would if this were the real JEE Main assessment.

Glimpse your “Real” future

Our proprietary AI/ML algorithms compute, corroborate and predict the current as well as potential outcomes that you could get (i.e. college / branch based on score cut-offs). This is based on actual JEE historical data, your category, home state and gender.

In short, you will be able to put a “real” college / branch name to your dream

Understand ‘why’ there are gaps

Test taking is a rigorous mental, emotional and physical task. We focus on understanding the multiple facets that define you – by observing and interpreting the patterns of your actions. This results in personalized feed - forward about your test approach across three dimensions
- Your mental planning and approach (strategy)
- Your cognitive strengths and blind spots (knowledge)
- Consistency and focus over time (execution)
In short, you get a 360° view of what your demonstrated behavioural patterns are and how they impact your performance

Only fix what needs to be fixed

Our proprietary algorithms not only tell you “what” you should do, they also tell you “how much” this can impact your final score. We are able to therefore measure your potential mark increment on each dimension
- Strategy : Improve task prioritize before, during and after giving your responses
- Knowledge : Increase your probability of getting answers correct
- Execution : Optimize time utilization and ‘productive’ responses
In short, you can focus your remaining revision time on those aspects that will bring you the maximum score improvement


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